SketchUp Make 2016 installer deleting previous versions?

I recently downloaded Sketch Make 2016 and it deleted my previous earlier versions of Make and in the process I lost all of my work I had done up to the down load. I am very disappointed and upset as a lot of time and effort went into creating the projects.I have looked in my recycle bin, nothing there. I have to believe there is no way I can reterive them. I should point out there is no issue with the 2016 version

Downloading and installing SketchUp 2016 should not have done anything to previously installed SketchUp versions nor to your models. Every version of SketchUp installs as a separate application. Do a search for *.skp and see what turns up.

As mentioned by Dave, the skp files shouldn’t be deleted. They won’t show in the list of recent files though, but you can search for them outside of SketchUp as suggested.

unless, they were save inside the application folders and not in the User folders…


But in a normal installation, the application folders for an older versions aren’t touch by installing the new one so the SKP files should be safe there. Well, unless the user uninstalls the older version themselves.

… or manually overrode the suggested installation folder name each time they installed SketchUp. In such case the installer would blindly overwrite older files.

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