New Year Computer clean up

Doing a New Year clean-up on my old files as have far too much space in the cloud being used by old files. Before I regret it, can I delete all the SU and LO backup files to free space as will likely never need again? Have saved to external drive. Also I have SU versions back to 2017 loaded on the desktop. If I remove the earlier versions can I still open those files in current SU pro? Happy New Year to you all.

SketchUp 2023 is compatible with model files all the way down to version 1.

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Thank you. So to confirm I can delete all the files on the PC as I have saved them on the external hard drive and if ever needed can open with current SU pro?

.skb files are really only needed as a one-step-back rescue if you hopelessly mangle a model while editing it. So, for any healthy file they are not essential and can be deleted. If you open, edit, then save a file, a new .skb will be created when you save the changes.

Historical copies of old files are fine to move to external storage. Just remember to put a file back on the internal drive if you are going to edit, as saving directly to an external drive is one of the things that can lead to skp file corruption.

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Thank you. Good point!