Installing SketchUp Make 2016

Will installing 2016 automatically remove 2015, or do I need to remove 2015 first?

You can have both installed.

no & no

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I should have been a little clearer; as 2016 should be an upgrade, which I’ve been assured is backward compatible with files created by 2015, I see no reason to maintain 2015. I just wanted to know if the new installation would remove the old, saving me the effort.

Thanks for the replies.


So the answer to your ultimate question is no, the 2016 installation will not remove the 2015. Although 2016 will attempt to import some of your preferences during install, the two versions do not share any code and can coexist on the same machine. So, the installer does not mess with prior versions.

And the best way to deal with an upgrade is to install the new version and retain the old version until such time as you know you don’t need the old version, and only then uninstall it.

Thanks again for the good suggestions :slight_smile: