Can you update while keeping same preferences/extensions installed?

I currently have 2015 Pro and may be getting 2016 Pro. It is possible to simply update your 2015 installation to 2016 so that it keeps all preferences and plugins installed? Or do you have to freshly install 2016 as if it’s a totally different build?


SU2016 will install entirely separately from SU2015 so extensions/plugins and toolbars will need to be dealt with manually. You can export keyboard shortcuts and file locations from SU2015 and load them in SU2016. See Window>Preferences>Shortcuts.

You could copy the extensions from 2015 and put them in the appropriate 2016 Plugins folder but it’s a good idea to just install them fresh to make sure you get the newest versions. Besides, that will give you an opportunity to do some house cleaning and leave out some extensions you might have downloaded and don’t use.

There is also the scf pluginstore bundle.

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True. There is that.

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OK, thanks guys. It’s not a big deal either way but I wanted to have a plan of action so I know if there are options. Especially since I have Sketchup on two different machines and like to have the layout exactly the same on both machines. So I may have to manually set both of them up again, but as you said, maybe it’s a good way to get rid of stuff I don’t use.

Thanks again.