HELP installing version 2016 over 2015!

hey, I currently have 2016 installed on my computer, or so I thought. The folder says 2016. But every time I open it and go to “about sketchup” it says it is the 2015 version. Need to open other files that were created in 2016 asap!

Every time I install 2016, it says “An older folder named “SketchUp 2016” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the newer one you’re copying?”

What am I doing wrong?


The likely explanation is that at some point the 2015 folder was incorrectly renamed. SketchUp installs into completely separate folders for each version, allowing multiple versions to be installed on the same computer at the same time, so there is no reason for 2015 to be in a 2016 folder. Try renaming the existing folder and then doing the SU 2016 install again.

thanks for responding!

So, do I have to pay $180 to update the version to 2016?? Says it wants $180. to update.

also… is 2016 that much better??

In general, yes you have to pay for a version upgrade of SketchUp (there may be exceptions if the new version is released right after you bought the previous one).

The question of whether 2016 is better is subjective. There are some nifty new features, but I can’t say whether they would matter to you because that depends on what you want to do. SketchUp versions are incremental improvements, so if you know 2015 you will also know 95% (or some such) of 2016. There are still people using V8 and happy with it…

On opening 2015 or 2016: you’re on a Mac? Depending on HOW you open it, you might get 2015 or 2016, depending on Apple’s launch magic. I’d navigate in Finder to /Applications/SketchUp 2016/ on launch from there to be sure.