SketchUp/Layout dim what isn't being cut in background

Is there a way to fade out the elements not being cut in a section in either Sketchup or Layout? I know you can change the section cut width but I’d like the elements in the back to fade more than the standard. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think I get your question because I’m not sure how making the section cut width different has any impact on fading??.. You can use fog or a transparent shape with opacity to create a faded look and if you go the transparent shape route, you can create a intersection of the geometry and remove teh faces where you want it to show and keep it transparent on faces you want faded.

You’re right it doesn’t have an impact on fading, just makes the section cut stand out more which is what I’m looking for. It’d be great if there was a plugin or something for this but for now, the transparent shape will do the trick. Thank you!

Fog works great!! I used to think raster viewports were bad, they are really not. Raster viewports are only noticeably jagged if you are zoomed in way too much, the whole point of a plan is to read the labels and see the contents, the scale will handle the contents and the labels will handle the rest, so really it’s just about reading the labels, nobody who is just reading the plans will see any jaggedness, fog is my preference. I used to hate raster, it was just an unrealistic mindset not based on reality. If you are reading the plans normally, raster looks amazing and fog is killer to bring more understanding that something is in the distance.

I design houses, hope that helps.

Thanks a lot! I agree with you, especially if you layer a vector cut on top of the raster for super crisp lines. :slight_smile:

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