Sketchup Lagging / crashing

Hi All,

For some reason Sketchup keeps crashing and lagging really easily on my work machine. Granted the graphics card for this PC isn’t very good (nvidia quadro p400 2gb) the task manager whilst running Sketchup shows that the system isn’t being pushed hard at all with CPU / GPU below 20 / 30% yet I’m getting constant moments of lag, especially when copying / downloading from the 3D warehouse etc. The PC has 16gb of RAM.

This is for Sketchup 2019.
Many thanks.

Someone more techie than me will give you a better answer but I can say that I have a nVidia card in a late 2012 Mac and that works fine.

I do know that you sometimes have to make sure that SU is actually using the video card you have installed.

It’s worth putting nVidia or video card into the search box and reading up about other people’s experience.

BTW, you have not filled in much of your profile which will really slow people down trying to help you.

I have a much older graphics card than you (Quadro FX 1800 with only 768 Mb of memory, well below the SketchUp minimum spec) and it works OK with my models (that are usually small).

Are you running resource-hungry plugins, like renderers?

Most lags in otherwise working systems are caused by model bloat (growing number of faces and edges). When edge/face count runs in the millions, SketchUp slows down in all, even the fastest computers.

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