SketchUp is not responding

I have just downloaded sketchup; it runs; but as soon as I do something; it stops responding?

Did you install it be right clicking on the downloaded file and choose " install as administrator"? If you did not, do so and choose the repair option.

Yes, tried that as well … but still hung up the moment I tried to use it …

I did install on my kids computer to give it run and I am very impressed with it … so its a no brainer for me to purchase … but have to get it running on my laptop first … MS Surface Book . plenty of memory etc Windows 10 … what service pack does it require on win 10?

The Surface has to be the right version, if it has an ARM processor it won’t run sketchup.

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Windows 10 Pro … Intel I7-6600U
16GB Mem
64bit OS

A couple of things.
Make sure you installed it using the Run as Admin method. This is using Right click on the install.exe and choosing Run as admin. If you didn’t, do it now and choose repair when given the option.
Make sure the Nvidia graphic driver is up to date, check Nvidia don’t trust windows to check for you.
In Window/Preferences/OpenGL turn on or off Use Fast Feedback.

Tried to update NVidia drivers; but login window was blank… appeared to be a driver problem … so I changed our group policies and forced latest windows updates and that fixed it … shows that it can be good to keep 100% updated … if you want to be the first to find any update problems:)

Thanks for the help …