SketchUp is "majorly broken"

Ok the title is a bit misleading. I had a customer tell me he was having issues with my extension “Building Creator”. He said “sometimes when I open SketchUp I get a message saying SketchUp is majorly broken.” I told him that it sounds like a SketchUp issue rather than my extension and told him to send me a screen shot of the error next time it happened. When I was logged on his computer everything worked fine even after closing and reopening SketchUp several times. This is a few hours later and he now sent me the screen shot below. It appears to be an issue with the license, but it’s a strange error, and he said SketchUp works fine it’s just that the error bothers him. This is Windows 11 with SketchUp 2020.

Any ideas? Should I have him reach out to SketchUp support?

This message only pops up when adding a classic license. Once a license is added, you won’t have to do it again. Was he activating on another machine?

He sees this when opening SketchUp. He’s been using this computer for quite some time. Would this be the message he would get if he activated on too many machines?

Activation of the classic license only takes place once, after that, it uses a sketchup.lic file to validate that is saved on the machine itself ( so it won’t be neede to contact the servers, again)
Unless he is actually trying to add the license, that message can pop up.
It might be that he already has a ( activated) license for 2021 and is trying to activate the 2020 on a new machine.

My license server for my extension shows that he was using my extension on this computer since 4-21-21. I don’t think anything changed with the install since then but I’ll check with him.

Neil, this topic is covered on on the Troubleshooting License and Subscription Issues page

This SketchUp Pro license is just plain broken.
You may see this error if the SketchUp license file on your system has been edited or has become corrupt. Please remove the license file and then add the license again in SketchUp normally from the Welcome screen at launch.

Note: This error may also occur if the system clock is altered by more than a calendar day.


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