"You are not licensed" But I am! how to fix this?

Hi I need some help! I have been using Sketchup Pro for about 6 months without any problems but today, all of a sudden, I get this message: “You are not licensed. You can keep on using Skethup but not open any files.” Which basically means I can’t use it. I just checked and I payed for an annual subscription in December so what have happened? If anyone know how to fix this I would be very thankful.

Sign out of SketchUp and sign back in.

Hi, we have a computer with sketchup pro 2020 and due to some issues with the software we had to reinstall it, now the software is not detecting the license.

Before to reinstall the software we checked the license window and it looked like this (it said 2020 instead of 2019)


As far as i understand the license was backed up by the installation wizard and it was saved somewhere in the computer but so far i haven’t found a way to restore it.

Can someone help me with an advice?

Hey Dave thanks a lot for your help. Im sorry it took me so long for reply but Im new at the forum and just couldn’t find my way :sweat_smile: