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256 blocks


Just brushing up some old stuff, this was in fact posted above in a different light, the first ‘not for fun’ SketchUp I ever did (although it was still fun). I did a lot of it from my motel room when at my first basecamp in 2010.

I have loads of new SketchUp from work, just have to wait quite some time before any of it can see the light of day.

But good news is I have a bunch more free time so should be lots of things coming soon either way.


Cafe Racer Kitbash. Skp, Thea + Phootoshop.



Can you describe your work flow for the cafe racers?


No problem @ad_1011

I first put the model together, it’s rare these days that I make anything from scratch if I am not in work. Most of the time I am just experimenting with workflows and also working on my basecamp presentation. For the Cafe Racer I wanted to try out some new colour blending options in Photoshop so I quickly kitbashed this model together.

It’s made from recycled spaceship parts, a hinge element from another kitbash and the tank and seat from a warehouse model.

I usually have the angle I want in my mind before I make the model and then I build with that in mind. My plan here was always to have it following the profile of the Honda logo so that explains the placement of the engine and the radiator.

I save the angle I want in SketchUp (usually about 10 just to be safe) and then export various images, usually at 10k px for easier editing in Photoshop. The downside of this is that image files quickly spiral to between 500MB-1GB so you need a good amount of RAM.



COLOUR (no lines). Usually here I colour in bright colours in SketchUp for easy editing and material selection. However i was lazy here as it was just some fun on a Sunday. Here is an example of a more thought out model:

RENDER - In Thea. In this case it was about 10*5k px and took around 3 hours.

Once I have all of my images I open them in Photoshop and layer them. Here I will work on things like curves, colour balance, reflections, lighting highlights. I will emphasise the light and dark areas more, add in any decals or stickers and clean up any errant geometry.

A lot of the time I miss out the render portion as I prefer flat colours but in this case I wanted to show a lot of reflections and it’s much easier of course to render than to hand paint.

I will be going into far more detail with various techniques and use cases for my talk this year at Basecamp and if you are not going I am sure they put these things online.


Some old things from GDrive backup today.

Elite Dangerous Concept (not official)

Kit bash scene and some characters and cargo containers from 3DWH.

Lock Study, from when I lived on a boat for a while, 2016

NASA lander, this is really old!


This was only partially made in SketchUp (the larger strands and the more mechanical looking parts) however it was composted in SketchUp as a whole and rendered in Thea.

This was on my first custom PC running a GTX 680. I remember it so well as I had to go on holiday and leave it rendering over that weekend, I kept using remote desktop on my phone to check progress…it took 108 hours in the end for the single frame.


It was for a coffee table art book called Petrie NSFW (has a naked bottom, not all that bad really):


Your work is amazing! You are a true SketchUp wizard.


Your work is absolutely incredible. Can’t even imagine how you do it!


Excellent Lock model ! I did a real quick model of the basics for my children (while they watched me) to try and explain how they work…I’m still not sure if they get it?


Liam…How/When do you have the time for the detail in these models?!


Indeed, I only truly understood the locks when I first took my boat through it :grin: , just about managed to come through unscathed…


Cheers, depends on the job and if its just hobby work. For fun a lot of this stuff is kitbashed from a library I have built up over 10 years with warehouse and other parts added in.

Commercial stuff is usually the only stuff that’s truly unique but I have luxury of time in that case as I can spend days or weeks making the models.


Awesome. Looking forward to seeing more at Basecamp soon!


SketchUp and Keyshot test


That rover is very nice looking! Lots of complicated fiddly bits.


Thanks, it’s an older version of this one, I have been using it to learn Keyshot this weekend:


Another 360 I left on overnight in Keyshot.I think it was averaging 4-6 mins a frame at 2560px with about 300 frames.