Sketchup Illustration & Similar Work


This could be Fallout Ghibli edition :stuck_out_tongue: .


Or then


There was some rendering for this one.

The ‘end’ of this cylinder is shown a bit more here:

I also made a video of this last one, it goes quite quick you may want to slow it down in You Tube to see anything…


A fairly quick study using sandbox tool and rendered in Thea. Kudos to the above #liamk887


Meant to say this is 'Omuamua to scale docking with the ISS


Cool, I would say perhaps the SubD plugin would be a better choice to make the rocky body rather than sandbox tools, it will give you a smoother less triangulated form.


I have some model/images I made while in University in 2009 as part of a project. The plan was to make an animation until I realised quite fast that learning 3D animation was going to take longer than my six week module… It’s fun to look back on these old images!

I would get hold of my first render engine later that year (Podium?) and then a year later I would get Thea, after the 2010 Basecamp in Boulder. However at this point it was all still Photoshop. As I always had a MacBook Pro my rendering suffered so that’s mainly why I stuck with Photoshop vs Render Engine.


This weeks practice project. Re-used some part’s from older models + a spaceman model from Max G + and some great Zbrush components from Nick Govacko.


My last free Friday as next week I start my first full time job in 18 months… Here is a Space Volvo to celebrate.


Congratulations and good luck with it!


Cheers, it’s going to be fun going from a publishing and advertising background to the Automotive sector!


Bravo! Good luck with it. My wife’s cousin used to work for SAAB a few years back in Linköping, I think, but I don’t think he’s in the automotive sector anymore.


Here is my final version:


A mix of parts from a very old project and bits of bikes from the 3D warehouse. Originally the ‘strings’ were created with actual geometry but I could not get them to behave as planned so in the end created them in illustrator with a gradient for the sheen effect. Rendered in Thea for the slight metallic reflections and coloured in Photoshop.

It was picked up today by Talenthouse as #artoftheday . The design is based on a Tshirt I have and the bike scheme from one of my mates old bikes that got nicked one day in the park!!


Still playing with this one, perhaps I will do a false comic book style opener?


Found some older work on one of my hard drive archives.

I did this in college, no idea what it’s supposed to be, thought it was the best thing ever at the time! (2008)

This was one of my first pieces of freelance. I actually did it in my room at Best Western in Boulder, back in 2010 when I was going to my first Basecamp and trip to the US. A few months later it would help me get a job at WIRED and Condé Nast where I would stay for the next 6 years. I did not know about plugins at this point and I remember it taking so long to make the yellow parts… (2010)

Plane cross section (2010)

Helicarrier (2011)

Plane (2012)

Not really sure what this is (2014)

Space Dock (2015)

Book Cover (2016)


My current WIP’s for a magazine opener Spread.

These are the first two layers composited, there will be a few more on top before it’s finished. It’s about computer games.


More work in progress. Photoshop & SketchUp. used a lot of warehouse edited stuff in this one (coin boxes, little monsters, F35, low poly F1 cars).


Finished this picture for my mate’s magazine:


How many levels are there?
I remember an Arcade game ‘Centipede’ back in the ‘80 which turned back to level 00 after level 99, really frustrating…!