Sketchup Illustration & Similar Work


No everything is modelled as is, have never been a fan of the section cut tool it’s too fiddly for the types of thing I use it for. Much easier to just model where I want the cut to be.

The client also wanted the model files intact as they re-build in them in 3ds max I believe.


I see. Yes, the SU section plane tool doesn’t really help much when you want complex sections or cut-aways.


I did try for the set of images from the other Chanel shop (couple of posts above) but I could not get the result I wanted and gave up after an hour of fiddling.


This was a project I did for fun last year. It was part of a competition to design a poster for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. I thought it would be fun to try and make the whole thing in Sketchup (minus the sky / gradients / title treatments / branding ).

The scene was made from 8 model files that I composited in Photoshop. I didn’t use any rendered images for this project just line work output and shadow output from Sketchup. I took quite a while making the spinner car but it did not really get used in the final composition.

Here is the scene before starting with colour.

Colour and lights.

And with the title treatment.

Alternate colour scheme

With hard shadows ( my personal favourite).


Here is a breakdown of one of my favourite hobby images from last year,

Profile linework
Reverse Faces
Basic Shading
Hard Shadows

Composite + Photoshop

Extra Clay Render Base


Some sketchup kitbashing from this evening


I’m very glad to see that some people are actually paying you for doing this wonderful work!


Thanks, very few and far between, I am hoping it will pick up now that the Christmas break is over!


Here was a quick practice from before Christmas using an edited car model from the 3D WH. Testing out some new Illustration styles in Photoshop.


These reminded me of your illustrations. Just add more contrast to the shadows.


Nice! Very stylized HDR photographs.


WOw nice I look forward to going through that album today


I have entered the Talenthouse Pacific Rim Uprising Poster competition with two SketchUp illustrations. Here they are without title treatment.


Here is a poster for an up-coming event here in town. The first image is made in SKetchup of the venue. For the second image, the backplate is made in SketchUp and the foreground in Illustrator. I was going to import from AI into SketchUp for the portrait but ran out of time unfortunately. All the music bits and bobs are from the warehouse.

Edit: spelling
Edit 2-4: clarity
Edit 5: extra image


At first glance I thought it looked a little repetitive and then I realized that it is two images that you posted not one really tall image.


Yes indeed, fixed thanks!

Edit: was made in Sketchup not Photoshop…duhh silly me.


Here are my Pacific Rim Uprising posters with title treatment. The rest of the entires will be revealed in 6 days fingers crossed although last time I got blown out of the water with my Blade Runner entries. This was my favourite entry from the last competition:


@liamk887 is Talent House the host of these competitions?




One of my last few freelance projects to finish before starting a new full time job soon. SketchUp, Thea & Photoshop, 67 layers and counting. Still have to finish building the bits and bobs on the roof and the rear area.