Sketchup Illustration & Similar Work


That could be called Millennium Viggen :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it was based on this from the museum here in town:


How about some Swedish Coastguard speed boats for a futuristic version of Kanal Kampen (Whatever that was - not living in Sweden, I never saw it.) ? They are cool looking boats.


Ha yes they do have some cool boats here I should do another one soon.

Here is another one, this was part of a font and is the number 5. It was a quick kitbash so lots of mistakes including missing shadow!


Last one and I will stop spamming promise!

This one was a pain as halfway through painting it in Photoshop I noticed that I had flipped the second model in Sketchup by mistake, I had to go back and do it again, you can see it on the second image…oops.


Once in a Blue Moon, Pacific Rim fan art. Robot model edited version from 3D warehouse by Unicron245.

I didn’t use it in the above image but here is a clay render for reference.


Elephant and Castle, Bakerloo Line.


This could be concept art for Star Ship UK!



all the mech design is awsome! And well, very interesting the tecnique you use to assemble various kind of export images from sketchup to build the final picture. Many compliments!


relay 19880705… is it your birth date ? :slight_smile:


One of those combinations!

Edit: Ha I was confused about what you meant but I just spotted it! Yes it’s hidden in some form or another in many of my images, for some reason :crazy_face: I forget why I started doing it…!


These where for an annual report for the biggest Telco in Africa. Cheated a bit on two of them using a reflection map from Thea but the rest is Photoshop including glass and lights (multiply gradient for glass and outer glow for lighting).


And some more images from another report for the same company. Some parts form the 3D warhouse (vehicles, electricity pylon, parts of bed and main turbine gearbox, rest of parts by me.

Also attached is an example of how I mix Sketchup with my editorial work:

Also something from 2012 for WIRED magazine, a solar farm in the desert, I designed the feature opener in Sketchup:


Not illustrated, but some work from this week. I was only given two days to build everything from scratch so it’s not the most refined model.


Does it float? :slight_smile:


Unfortunately not, one of the rare things I have made that does not fly, sail or teleport haha.


This one is a real mix between Photoshop and Rendering so it defiantly does not fall into illustrated category but was a fun project to do. The line-work overlay is very subtle at around 25% opacity.


reminds pixel art :wink:


Doll House, Thea+Photoshop


Very nice. Are the complex section cuts all achieved with multiple section planes and groups in SketchUp or by combining multiple images later in Photoshop?