Sketchup Illustration & Similar Work

Awesome thanks I will do some reading this week see what I can find!

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Liam, this (again) is great to see. Thanks for sharing.

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great link, thx

Very cool new additions, @liamk887 . Bravo.

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I am starting a new project so any input would be helpful as I have not done this much so far…3D printing!
Over the summer I am planning to disassemble and print a kit for the motorbike I posted just above. Last week I got an Ender 3 and so far so good but I can see I have a lot to learn. How have you all done with your printing work so far, any hard lessons that would be helpful for me up front and of course plugins?

Also a bonus image for the day, something I have been hoping to share for quite some time!

In my first weeks at Volvo Product Design I found myself in a meeting room staring at some pictures on the wall. A colleague asked ‘Can you guess who drew those?’, I replied that although it could not be the case they looked like something Syd Mead would have draw.

It turns out that indeed Syd Mead did draw them and at one time used to work as a designer in the company. After asking for quite some time (14 months!) I finally got permission to share them outside.

Starting here with one of my favourites, I always have a soft spot for asymmetrical design. I am hoping at some point to have some free time to model and print these out!


I joined a local maker space to have access to 3D printers as well as people with experience to help me learn. I haven’t gotten far, as it’s not as convenient as having the printer right here, and there are other priorities always taking my time.

Love the Syd Mead! I had friends in school who could do wonders with markers, but I could never do well with them.

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Liam — I always find your work really interesting, fun and impressive. It melds a high level of technical skill with an artistic aesthetic and sensibility.

Oh, and Syd Mead is a new discovery for me (not being a designer by profession), so thanks for turning me on to him. His work and style is fantastic!

Keep 'em coming!


SpaceX lander


your work is amazing, i love when your mixes the 3d and 2d in your picture.

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Great stuff Liam, sorry I missed you last basecamp, your work has gone from great to magnificent fast, well done lad.

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Cheers mate, hopefully see you again in the pub at some point!!

Peterson Museum in LA has current exhibit of some Syd Mead Blade Runner vehicles. Interesting seeing them up close.


Oh, cool museum! Plus Ron Cobb’s DeLorean! Thanks for sharing that. Wish I had known about it last September after 3D Basecamp. I’ll have to go there the next time I’m out to visit my sister, though I don’t regret visiting the Bradbury Building with her then. More Blade Runner memorabilia.

Same, I would have loved to see that in LA, next time!

I kit bashed my older model together into a new city (work in progress) need to add in a few lanes of traffic in the sky.


Finished this as its raining outside…


As always I like to see your work. My only thought on this one is the clouds’ perspective? It seems I expect to see the underside of them as we are looking up whereas they appear as seen more from from the side? Artistic license perhaps, in which case ignore my presumption to critique!