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which technique is your favorite?

I am doing it all in Blender now, I never found a good method with a plugin.


where do you find all these ideas, for making this?
I love your futuristic stuff.

Reading lots of books and watching lots of films!


Today WIP


I didn’t see the launch, does the real thing have non pneumatic tires?

Looks like ‘normal’ tyre.

No I’m using some Syd Mead designed wheels instead of the regular ones.


Right, those’ll be for the pressurized mars version.

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You did that other pick-up a while ago. You could take the wheels from that.

No I did make the wheels from the real truck but then decided they were pretty bland and decided to use the Syd Mead Mars rover ones instead, I did keep the new hubs however.

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Finished this over lunch, moved the lightbar up on a mount thats flush with the sides, winch is from 3D warehouse.Ideally when I have time I would make a square bull bar for the front


Roo Bar here in Oz :slight_smile:



Somebody on reddit asked me for a breakdown so I thought I would post it here:

Ok so first things first, usually in my head I have a basic idea of what I want to do, in this case I wanted to experiment with some direct lighting so I figure I will make some sort of scary corridor with light coming through a door.

Now I am doing this at lunchtime at work so time is against me, time to break into some kitbashing sets. I picked up a really great one from Chtazi on Art Station he has some killer packs and quite reasonably priced too.

I quickly assemble the scene in about 15 mins using a mix of bought assets and ones I have made myself to make a room with some test tube type things.

The Hazmat guys I find on the 3D warehouse and the aliens on some 3D printing website. They are very simple but thats fine I will paint in any details I need later in Photoshop.

So the good thing about Keyshot is that you can just import SketchUp files direct and everything is grouped etc. The scene is only lit here so you can see, but in actuality there is no IBL it is completely dark. The scene is lit by two planes acting as emitters, a large red light above and a white light behind the door.

Now the Aliens look strangely placed but it’s fine as i’ve already chosen my camera so anything not in view doesn’t matter. What is not shown here is that I created a large plane to make a roof, this stopped any light from the plane behind the door bleeding in from above.

I add in my materials, mainly everything is a matte black with glass on the test tubes. I add in a cracked glass material as texture map on the cylinders.

I did the first render as normal and it came out like this:

It’s a bit cartoony so I added in some volumetric fog, takes a lot longer to render, about 3 hours in this case:

Then in Photoshop I start adding in some overlays, an Outer Glow on the door area for some more light:

Adjusting the contrast on the Alien hidden between the tanks:

Adjust the curves on the tank things to make them stand out a bit more (curves):

Paint in the detail on the Alien closest to the camera:

Paint out the red light in the roof:

Paint in one layer for some smoke (screen set to 20%) and dust (lighten set to 20%):

Then its all done:

Not including rendering time, it was about 1 hour to build, setup and paint over. If I did not use a set I bought it would be about one long day to model everything.


Kitbash 3D, SketchUp, Keyshot and Photoshop.


Gotta admit, my first thought was: “Those are some HUGE tower PCs!”