Sketchup - I cannot start it

I was using Sketchup Pro.

The computer crashed

Now when I try to open sketchup up it invites me to sign in.

I click sign in

It then says relaunch browser.

Click that nothing.

So I signed in by opening the browser independently.

Went back round the circuit no change.

Been at it for 3 hours now. Doing shut downs and restarts and …

Any ideas?

Edit - It now reports:-

We are experiencing technical difficulties

The subscription server response is invalid

Add Classic License

See the Help article
for steps to fix this

Thank you. I Deleted the login_session.dat file and it resolved the problem.

Going to lie down in a dark room for an hour or so to regain my inner calm now. Bad start to the week.

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It is snowing and I would like to go to bed, pull the covers and wake up in March.


The Log-in-errors article that is linked has had its information merged into an FAQ article. This is the new link to use: