Sketchup has lost all my prefs, etc

Sketchup 2015 has completely lost all my personal settings and preferences.

Which files should I trash to force it to rebuild them before I re-enter my preferences etc.

Thanks for your help.

Exactly what preferences are missing?

Default styles, units, some personal kbd shortcuts, onscreen colours have changed selected is now yellow instead of blue, not suite sure what else until I discover it.

did you just install or reinstall SU2015? Did you check to see if your default template is available to select? The default style, which includes settings for selection color, as well as the default units are part of the template. Is it possible you’ve selected a different template? Or did you open a SketchUp file from another source?

As for keyboard shortcuts, trashing to force a rebuild is not likely to restore them.

What was going on just before you noticed these changes?

Hm I wonder if it clears your preferences if you use cleaner softwares like CCleaner. Maybe this time you can export your preferences and save it so that you can easily import it the next time this happens

No I have not used anything of that nature. Export preferences is a good idea. I didn’t know you could do that. I don’t see an option for this in Preferences.

No re-install. My template is no longer available. This happens on opening new files and pre-existing own files. I occasionally download models from the warehouse as another source but not recently.

Nothing I am aware of was going on before this happened. I simply opened Sketchup after a fresh startup in the morning and everything was gone.

I am tempted simply to re-install and re-build again by hand.

I doubt reinstalling SketchUp is needed. Just make a new template.

As for “preferences” you can export a file containing keyboard shortcuts and file locations on the PC. On the Mac, though, you need to find the plist that contains the shortcuts and make a copy of it. That plist probably got corrupted or deleted which would make you lose the shortcuts.

Sounds like you may have your files on a network and have lost the connection or even a permissions issue.

Files are local and have run permissions. However DaveR’s suggestion seems to have done the trick.

New template seems to have solved all the issues except Keyboard shortcuts. There were very few of these so I will just set them up again. I had no idea so many of these parameters could be contained in the template. Thanks Dave this seems to have done the trick perfectly!

It still begs the question, what happened to make your template and shortcuts disappear?

Yes it does. But I am unable to recall any change in system or Sketchup setup that might have caused this. Config files etc do sometimes quite simply become corrupted for no apparent reason. At this point I just have to keep my fingers crossed.