Keyboard commands disappeared

Hello, I’m new to the forum and relatively new to SketchUp. I recently customized a keyboard command on a Mac, but instead of just closing the preference box, I hit ‘Reset All’. I have not been able to use keyboard commands since. I know it is probably a simple solution, but I can’t figure it out. Thanks for your help!

do you have none?

reset all should revert to the pre-installed ones…

the custom ones will need to be re-entered unless you kept a copy of the .plist…


Thanks John. I do not have any keyboard commands at all.

I think that John’s mention of the plist might sort this out.

You might try deleting the ‘shortcuts.plist’, and then restart SU so that it can regenerate a new one. . . which should also restore the default KB settings. . . Albeit, in a heavy-handed manner when compared to the Reset All option.

The link below more or less outlines my own previous experience with this… and I hope it’s helpful in your case too.

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