Sketchup Freeze with intel Drivers (SOLUTION) update 11/13/2017

i have been searching like crazy for a problem that freeze sketchup for 7 seconds since last windows update so i finally have the solution for this problem, very simple and basic, just you have to download the driver and eliminate the generic driver installed in you PC, in my case this is the link is from HD INTEL 630,,, dowload the rar file (is the second) and now you have to install this manualy, so follow this steps:

  1. Extract the .zip file downloaded (to an empty folder)

  2. Access the device manager and look for display adapters (double click on it, you should be able to see an Intel® HD Graphics adapter or Microsoft Basic Display Adapter")

  3. Right click and select update driver for Intel HD Graphics

  4. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”

  5. Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”

  6. Click on “Have Disk” and find the extracted folder of the driver downloaded

  7. Go to “Graphics” folder within driver folder and select the igdlh64.inf file and hit open then ok

  8. Select Intel HD Graphics XXX under “model” and hit next

and it´s done! hope this can be useful, have a great day!


you might want to add a date to the title, since there could be a new Creators Winter update soon…

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Perfect advice, my issue is solve, thank you.

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you re welcome!

Paul - thanks for this post. I tried the .exe version of the Intel Driver download - and that failed saying it was not compatible with my Surface Pro LTE (5th gen). After reading your post, I took the plunge and did the manual update. So far so good. Thanks again.

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You re welcome! Good to know about that solution works fine! Greetings from Mexico!

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