Problems Randomly to execute Sketchup Pro 2018 on Surface Pro (5th) i7 / 8GB / Intel Iris 640

i have an Surface Pro (5th) 2017 i7-7660U, 8Go memory, Intel Graphics Iris 640.
Installed : Sketchup pro 2018 version 18.016975 64bits
OS version : Windows 10 Pro version 1803

I have installed Intel Graphics pack version 6136 (05/2018)

The Graphics recognized by Sketchup, the execution and work is ok .

But sometimes, Sketchup loss the Graphics identification, and the Sketchup don’t work correctly, the application block or work very slowly, and impossible to execute any operation.

When it’s arrived, i need to desinstall the intel graphics drivers, and reinstall, and the sketchup rework normally

This times, i desactive the Fast Feedback, you think it’s resolve my problem or i need to do something other ?

Or i always got problem with this Surface Pro (5th) and need to up to an Surface Pro with Nvidia Graphics ?

IIRC integrated graphics isn’t officially supported / recommended by SketchUp, but I may be wrong.

Hello, Thx for your response,
I think the config of this Surface is correct for execute Sketchup.
The Intel Graphics Iris 640 it’s not a bad Graphics Chips.

I hope somes users of Surface Pro similar could confirm me the problem or the solution for stability of this package.

it’ a ‘bad’ solution because of the problem you are describing, i.e. an unreliable OpenGL support of the driver.

Besides of this integrated (and therefore slow) intel HDs are thought and fine for office/video/internet and not made for ambitious 3D modeling purposes.

further infos:

Thank you for all your response,
I must to up to an Surface book 2 i7 with Nvidia Discrete GTX 1050 for 13.5" or 1060 for 15’’

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You can try going into preferences>open GL> and untick “fast feedback”. May or may not work.
Also go to the Intel website to get the latest driver for the graphics. Windowze is dumb when trying to check for the latest drivers.


Windows isn’t dumb but distributes own drivers assembled by MS itself only and not updated or extended driver revisions of the GPU maker resp. customized versions (thermal design, power consumption) of e.g. notebook makers.

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GTX 1060 is the sweet spot for performance / cost at the moment, please make sure the graphics has at least 6GB RAM, try to get a decent spec CPU with that as well, together with adequate RAM (16GB should be fine for most use cases, more if you can afford it) and a SSD (but I guess that part is a given seeing that it is a SurfaceBook) with plenty of space.

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Thx for your help, i think i’m going to Surface book 2 with Nvidia GPU or Similar Hybrid Convertible Tablet.

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required V-RAM depends mainly on used screen resolution, w/ non-highres displays 3 GB may suffice already.

If money is an issue, the GTX 1050 Ti delivering roughly 65% performance of the GTX 1060 can be a good choice too.

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this is true, use cases differ and so would requirements and expectations

The reason I’m specific about the GTX1060 VRAM amount is because there are no less than four variants of the GTX 1060 (at least the desktop versions, I am assuming mobile versions follows suit, which may be a mistake on my part); a 3GB version, a 5GB version, a 6GB version and recently a 6GB version was released with 6GB VRAM but of the GDDR5x variant as used on GTX1080’s. Many people speculate that these are in fact modified / binned GTX1080’s being sold as GTX1060’s to get rid of stock.

The 3GB & 5GB variants are viable options but obviously not the best choice of the GTX 1060 lot.

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