Sketchup Free - erratic click behaviour


I am a sketch up newbie so apologies if this is not a valid question.

I started learning how to use sketchup free. It is all fine until the program seems to be registering phantom clicks even without my doing anything with my mouse. Then I had to stop for a while then when i reload the file. This goes away for a while then it comes back. When I say phantom clicks, random faces, objects are selected then it spins, etc etc. I have control of where the cursor goes, it just assumes that the left click button is clicking away randomly…

I did suspect it was my mouse malfunctioning but I have changed 2 mouses but this is still happening.

Many thanks in advance.

Are you sure it is not just delayed clicks? That can happen with a demanding model and poor graphics card…
Try updating your graphics drivers…

Thank you for your response. I am pretty sure it is not delayed clicks. More like a faulty mouse but I am quite sure the two mouses I tried out are good.

It works perfectly for about 15 min then once this starts it takes time before it returns to normal ( had to exit and log back in later)

Can you share the model so people here can inspect it, maybe your model is too demanding?

Lesson2.skp (183.9 KB)

I doubt it is the complexity… I came home and played around with it but had no issues this time. I guess this isn’t a common issue with an easy fix then… :frowning:

I can’t find anything out of the ordinary. It’s indeed not a complex model at all.
Didn’t experience any clicks that I din’t do myself…
I haven’t seen a post about ghost clicks here on the forum before.
Lets hope it was just a glitch…

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