SU tools randomly will operate on every other click

I’ve been using sketchup for a few years now and this is the first I’ve experienced this problem and I can’t find anything on the forums related to it. I recently upgraded my Mac mini to a newer “faster” mac mini. Since using sketchup on this new computer a unique bug has appeared.

Occasionally when attempting to edit using any tool the tool itself will only work every other click. An example is the move tool, my experience with the move tool has been that I click the element I intend to move once and then move it. When the bug happens, I click on the item and it doesn’t move with my mouse. Instead it will stay put until i click on the desired end location. With the move tool, this bug is manageable, if I click and hold the item, it will move with my mouse.

However, with other tools like the rotate tool, all of my life energy gets sucked out. It doesn’t follow my mouse, it doesn’t attach to items I select, it doesn’t rotate the direction I pull, and it randomly skips clicks. It actually does almost the opposite of everything I want

The weirdest thing about this bug is it only happens in spurts. Where all of my tools at once dont work, then they suddenly do. But its frequent enough to dissolve my workflow.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Do I need to throw my computer in the trash? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Are you still using SketchUp 2022 as indicated in your forum profile?

I am not, I’m using 2023.

Please update your forum profile.

Do you see the issue with SketchUp 2024?

I have, once, after 2-3h of work, it suddenly started to do like you describe, the object is not following the cursor but still moved in the end.
it was very late, I just saved and went to bed, on startup the next day it was fine so I didn’t look further.

I couldn’t tell you what / why, could be that it felt out of RAM, could be the movie I was watching on the side was keeping my GPU busy, could be…

When you say occasionally, how often / after how long / on what files ? new files, big old ones ?

what config of mac mini did you get ?

edit : I saw this a few weeks ago, SU24, I assumed it could be Metal related since I didn’t see this in the older openGL versions.

There were some updating issues that would show on new Macs, that we fixed in the update a couple of weeks ago. Please check About SketchUp, and see if you are on 24.0.554. If you’re not, get the updated version here:

When I say occasionally I mean literally it will happen 6 - 10 times in 30 minutes lasting for 10 seconds to 3 minute spurts. It will happen on a new project, old project, big or small.

If it was ram related I would be shocked. The mac I was using before had 8gb and worked smoothly, my new machine has 24gb of ram.
It’s also a M2 chip (jealous?)

I will try updating today.