Sketchup for Web will not save - and locks up PC

After a session has been working normally for a relatively long time, it will often lose connection with Trimble and fail to save an update. Sometimes after this happens and I try to download a copy to my PC, my PC will lock up and I must perform a hard power off.

Are you referring to the internet connection?

The error message does not specifically say “Internet”, but that might be a logical assumption.

Are you saving to Trimbal connect? Another cloud location?

Yes, this is using Trimble Connect… but when it happens it also messes up download to my PC.

What type of internet connection do you have? Are you using the internet version or a desktop version?

Internet comes in through a cable modem from my telecom provider (Windstream). I am using the Internet (Web) version.

What are you trying to download?

Trying to download .skp file to my PC.

What internet browser are you using? Maybe try a different browser. How large is the SketchUp file. Go to, sign in, and try downloading the file directly to your computer. Share the model file so we can see what you’re working with.

Normally, I do not have a problem downloading my .skp files during a work session. It is only when the “connection to Trimble has been lost” that trying to download the file I have been working on locks up my PC.

It is not a particular model that causes the problem. It has happened to me while working on several different models – and again, these work fine for a while, then suddenly cannot save.

Good idea. I have been using Chrome, but will try different browsers to see if this problem occurs in them.

That would imply to me that yuor models are getting to be quite large. What are you modeling? It might help us help you if you’d share a typical model file with us.

Here are a couple. What do you consider “quite large”?

Bedroom Cabinet Shelves (4).skp (328.2 KB)
Festool Systainer Storage (15).skp (643.8 KB)

Those certainly shouldn’t be large.

I looked at the Festool file. I see some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_28_2023 , 10_12_06 AM
And a bit of unused stuff to purge. Not much impact on file size but maybe got rid of something troublesome.
Screenshot - 3_28_2023 , 10_12_28 AM

Does this copy of the file behave better for you?
Festool Systainer Storage purged.skp (633.8 KB)

I will give it a try. Thank you very much.

Unrelated question: Does SketchUp for Web have templates that can be set for different parameter defaults?

What sort of “parameter defaults” are you thinking of? You can choose from several different templates when you start a new file. Mainly the difference is in the selected units but they can be changed after you get started, too.

Style, Accuracy, etc. I would like to choose a different template when starting a new model, and these parameters will be different for a cabinet than they will be for a room or house.

Regarding the tag usage, what specifically did you find? I used to use a major CAD program which had both Level and Classes. Is there any other “association” tool here besides Tags?

You can make a “template” with your chosen style (there’s no option to edit styles in the free web version) and you can set the Display Precision as you want. There’s no way to change the accuracy in SketchUp. It is as accurate as you make it no matter what the display precision is. After you’ve done that, save the file as your template. Then when you start a new project open that template file. And remember to use Save as when you give it your project name. Of course you make more than one of these “template” files and choose the one appropriate for your project.

My bad. I meant Precision when I wrote Accuracy. By Style, I meant “Inches”, “Feet and Inches” etc.
When I create such a file, I do not see any “Save as Template” option. As a stopgap solution, I have created a sub-directory in Trimble Connect called “Templates”. I set up a model with only the appropriate parameters changed, and name it with those identifiers. Instead of New, I open the one I need and immediately “Save As” the new model name I am creating.

There isn’t one.

That is what I was suggesting. A template is simply a SketchUp file that you open as a starting point for your project.