Sketchup for web- scenes

I am using Sketchup for web and cannot get scenes to work as normally in my Pro version I have used for years.
The scene manager has the correct scene thumbnail, but when selected does not change on the screen.
Any ideas?

No unfortunately not. This is a recent issue that I have encountered also but have not yet worked out and how to get to get it to work properly.

It seems to be working for me using Win11 Firefox 120.0
GIF 24-11-2023 6-06-45 PM

Any chance you have updated all the scenes to one scene by mistake?

No that isn’t it. There seems to be something that triggers it to work again but I haven’t figured out at what point that is. But as OP says, there is something wrong with selecting scenes lately.

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I’ve had the issue recently (on safari and firefox) while having a single scene.

created a model, made a single scene, moved a bit, clicked on the scene, nothing.
added a second scene, it moved ok, it changed scene as planned.

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Seems that a second scene might do the trick. I didn’t pay attention enough to notice that trigger.
But just one scene not working is a bug.

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