Scenes not working - Sketchup for Web

In Sketchup for Web, I can create multiple scenes. The thumbnail images for the scenes look correct. I’m not able to switch between scenes. If I double click on a scene, nothing changes in the view. If I change to a standard top down view, it will only change to the last scene created. I have the same results in Safari and Chrome. Am I missing a basic operation? Are scenes supposed to work in Free version?

Share your SketchUp file so we can see how things are set up with your scenes.

What happens if you single click on the scene? You shouldn’t double click to change to a different scene.

My initial scenes: 1) box shape, 2) moved the box, 3) resized the box.
I added more scenes and changed the orbit/view. Scenes did change between different orbit/views with single click.
Do scenes not pay attention to object size and position?

All the scenes will show the moved geometry. That’s normal. It sounds to me as if the scenes are working exactly as they are supposed to.

The scenes are NOT supposed to pay attention to the object size and position. They are basically just cameras that show the current state of the model. If you change the positions of the objects or their size all scenes will show the new positions and sizes.

Again, share your SketchUp model file so we can see what you are doing.

…Then you need to Update that scene to save the camera views (and other properties will pop up) for the actual scene.



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Ok, thanks for that info! I was assuming that scenes were snapshots that included object size and position. I’m just starting to learn the basics.

You should go through the SketchUp Fundamentals at

Feel free to ask questions here but please don’t assert that something isn’t working in your thread titles if you don’t know for certain. Ask how they should work instead.