SketchUp for web : project dialog is unresponsive

I’m new… I think I used a far too big PNG image in my project… (51MB).
It worked for while until I clicked save.
Now, I cannot list any project anymore, nor save new ones… How can I remove this “too big” project…

Actually, going fast enough, I can reach there (see the screenshot…)

Best regards,


Hi @jdavanne.

Yes, a 51mb png is likely to slow down SketchUp. It’s possible that things might speed up if you clear your browser cache (SketchUp for Web keeps a backup of your unsaved progress in browser cache, so I bet that is what is slowing things down).

If you need to delete a model entirely, you can use the little ‘x’ icon that’s at the right of the highlighted file in the model picker (as you can see in your screenshot). But I’d start by clearing your cache and see what happens.


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