Sketchup Web Autosave Is So Slow It Renders The App All But Useless

Sketchup Web Autosave Is So Slow It Renders The App All But Useless.

What is the official Sketchup position on this issue ?

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance on this most pressing and urgent matter.

How big is your SketchUp file?


You might try purging unused stuff out of the file. That’s a pretty good sized file.

I am also affected by this. With a not that big model (6mb) is saves every 1 or 2 minuts which freezes everything.

This is very very annoying. It makes you click several time (because it doesnt responds to your mouse click) it then executes every action afterwards which makes you do unwanted things.

Does anyone know how to disable autosave?

There have been requests to disable Auto Save in the web versions but currently there isn’t a way to do it. At least until such time that is is implemented, if that happens, the best thing is to stop clicking with the mouse while the “Saving” message is being displayed.

You can help to make the save time as short as possible by keeping your model cleaned up. Purge unused components, then unused materials. Purge unused styles, too.

I understand. Usually i am just working on my model. When my mouse doesnt reponds, i find out that it is saving.

So it start to be unusable when you have a big model.

I understand that it is not possible to disable autosave ‘at the moment’ but i see this is a frequently requested feature which suggests to build this in one of the feature releases.

My guess is its a business decision. The online Sketchup may be as much a marketing tool as an exploration of transitioning to the cloud. I suspect they’re hoping to attract potential users with the online version - then sell the Windows or Mac version to those who have some serious work they need to do. Thats fine. And Lord knows business is tough enough nowadays. Still, other CAD companies have gone all in on the cloud for instance Onshape, a parametric’ modeler meaning you can step back through each iteration of the design - a great idea for designing mechanical gizmos - but not really necessary or even desirable for architecture. And btw everything I’ve drawn up in Onshape I’ve been able to import into online Sketchup. You can export from Onshape in DAE Collada fomat and import into Sketchup online with just a few clicks. Simplicity itself !