Deactivate Autosave

Is it possible to disable autosave? The system seems to force a file save every few minutes and seems to take several minutes to complete. Seems to be a function of file size. The more complex geometry in a file the more frequently an autosave is forced and the longer it takes to complete. I think we are way past the point of diminishing returns and autosave has become a counterproductive feature.

There is already a topic on your question here:

It appears the team are aware users are having issues but no recent updates at present.

You know what, I think Sketchup now asks you if you want to go ahead with the autosave or not - which amounts to the same thing as toggling autosave. What threw me off was the way its worded:

There is a newer version of this model in your account.
Do you want to overwrite it with your current changes?

Is it just me or does anybody else think this should read

There is an OLDER version of this model in your account, do you want to overwrite it with
your current changes ?

Where are you seeing this question being asked? My progress with SU has now virtually been halted because of the long delays and freezing every few minutes due to the autosave feature. I can’t find anything on how to turn this off or where you’re seeing this option.

Any help is greatly appreciated…

were you modeling on different browsers, tabs or machines? From the perspective of the server where my.sketchup is hosted, it could be that you started on one and you continued on another, went back to the first and then it would notice that. Then, the message would make sense.
It’s complicated…

After SU forces many autosaves, it seems to suddenly shift gears and put that question to you
about whether you want to overwrite a ‘newer version’.
This happens in the same SU session on the same tab, same machine.

The forced autosave seems like something the SU engineers have added in the last 2 or 3 months. I have used web SU more than a year now and never had autosave issues until 2 or 3 months ago. In any case I hope they can get to the bottom of it soon.