SketchUp for Web is no longer supported as a Chrome app

Some background…So, I don’t remember when my SU for Web got setup this way, but I am on a Windows 10 laptop and have had a SU icon on my desktop that I use to launch SU for Web. When I use this method, it starts SU in a separate window (eg, NOT inside a browser tab). It seems that this is some kind of Chrome browser app window, which is tied to the Chrome process. Here is a pic of the ‘Customize and Control’ menu in this SU window:

As shown, it even has an option to Open the SU window in the Chrome browser.

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks, I started getting this notice when I would try to launch the SU app using this method:

I can click on the Open anyway button and the SU app window will open and behave as it always has.

My question is whether or not this is a supported method of launching SU for Web, or if it has been dropped as a viable method for launching SU for Web?

Note, if I click on the Learn more link in the pop-up, it takes me to the following website, which discusses Migrating Chrome Apps to Progressive Web Apps:

Is this something the SU for Web development team is pursuing?

For me, I’ve always liked having it as a separate window from the browser (makes it look/feel like a separate program rather than a browser app). In fact, when launching this way, it doesn’t even open a Chrome browser window…which is fine with me as I prefer using Firefox as my primary browser. Well, it didn’t use to open Chrome, but now it does in order to tell me about this problem…

Saving progressive web apps is tested every time there is an update to SketchUp for web. What you install seems to be standalone, and doesn’t need Chrome to be open, which suggests that it has Chromium built into it. I can imagine that the version of Chromium gets out of date.

Could you try the uninstall option, then in Chrome go to and click on:


to install a new copy of the app. That would then have an up to date version of Chromium in it.

@colin I was hesitant to do what you suggested, but I went ahead and did it. Now I no longer have the desktop SU Icon/shortcut to launch with and can only start in Chrome…is there a way to recreate that desktop icon/shortcut to launch SU as a Chrome app like it used to? I should’ve copied the properties of that shortcut…

As I stated in my OP, I don’t remember what install process I went through when they first rolled out the new free Web version, but that’s what created the setup I had…

Perhaps I missed a step in what you suggested, as after uninstalling, I launched SU Web from my Trimble account…I didn’t go to and so never saw the download link you pictured…is there a way to uninstall the SU for Web from my Trimble products so I can try your download method? If there is, I haven’t found it yet…

If you go to in Chrome, do you see the icon I showed? Here’s more of a screen grab so you can see where the icon should be.


If it is there, click on it to install SketchUp for Web. If you don’t see that icon, click on the three dots just to the right of your avatar, and see if there is an option half way down, that looks like this:


If that is there, choose it, and when the separate window opens up you could pin it to your taskbar.

The install step does also put a shortcut on your desktop.

Thanks @colin for pointing out where to find things, I now have the SU for Web shortcut on my desktop. However, after I got it re-installed, I was still having the same behavior as described in my OP…it still complained that SketchUp for Web is no longer supported. Curious, I went to Help + About Google Chrome and lo-and-behold, I did not have the latest version installed. I thought I had auto-update turned on, but apparently not. After updating to the latest version, the problem is resolved and SU from the desktop shortcut opens up directly in the app window without opening up a Chrome browser window…and no complaints!

Thanks again @colin , problem resolved.

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