Sketchup for Schools - Solid help

I am using SketchUp for Schools. My class is having a lot of problems with short edges and not being able to use the Solid tools because of the short edges. I have heard that in the regular SketchUp version you can change the the threshold for the short edges, or even remove the option altogether, but I can’t figure out how to do this in SketchUp for Schools. Please tell me there is a way, otherwise we won’t be able to print anything that is too small.
Thanks for your help!

When I want to model something small for 3D printing I set units to meters and use them as if they were millimeters or inches. Since most 3D printer software will allow you to specify the units, I leave the model in meters and export the .stl file. Then just tell the slicer it’s either millimeters or inches as the case may be. This gets around the tiny face issue quite nicely.

Here’s an example of that. Modeled in meters.

The .stl file imported as millimeters.

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Thank you so much…I just tried it with a test file and the metres were converted to mm. That is a life saver!

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Good deal. I’m glad that helped.

FWIW, the thing you referred to regarding setting a threshold for short edges is for an extension called Solid Inspector 2. It only sets the extension’s threshold for telling you that you have short edges. Having it enabled and running the tool gets you this sort of thing.

It has no impact on SketchUp’s ability to handle very short edges, though. That can’t be changed by the user.

I can’t adjust the threshold in the Sketchup for schools version. At least I can’t figure out how. It’s different than the version you are using. The problem is that if an object has short edges, it won’t let you add/subtract it to another solid, and all of the solid tools won’t work. That’s why I wanted to try to change the threshold to avoid those issues.
But working in metres should work. So I will try that with the students today. Thanks for your help!

No. That’s only on the desktop version. Again, adjusting that threshold won’t change anything except the message you get from Solid Inspector. Setting its threshold to a different value won’t change how the Solid Tools behave with those short edges. You would still have the same issues no matter what the threshold is set to for Solid Inspector.

Changing the short edge threshold for Solid Inspector is a bit like changing the size of the gas gauge in your car. You could make the gauge the size of the windshield but that won’t let you drive any farther.

And the short edges don’t actually stop solid tools working.

We’d be interested to see an example model that is causing issues.

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I am about to start teaching, but when I get the chance at the end of the day, I will see if I can send an example. The error message is usually something about it not being a solid and when you try to add/subtract you get a circle with a line through it instead of the usual 1 and 2 in a circle telling you which component is first and second.
I will try and send an example later. Thanks!!!

I’ll be asleep but Dave will be happy to look.
Just to be clear, if you get the non solid message then there is a hole or some other issue, but it’s not just short edges.

That might be a case of the groups/components not being solids to begin with. Or the geometry not being in groups or components at all.

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