Struggling teacher working with students

10x bigger version gear main assembly (part 1 of 3).skp (300.3 KB)

First struggle… my student’s measurements are accurate in Sketchup (10cm x 6cm) but when exported, it was much smaller. I attached the scaled up model x10. Not sure why it exported so small.

Second struggle… my student’s object isn’t watertight/solid because of the 2 holes in the side and their is no top. We have done a lot of research but can’t figure out how to keep the holes/missing top for his project and make it a solid so that we can 3D print the object. Please help :slight_smile:

Sketchup faces have no thickness, you must create thickness for something to be printable.
Your students model would need to look like the one on the right to be printable.


The model unit is set to inches currently, if you are using cm you can set it like that… also, the accuracy is a bit questionable… :wink:

Are you a sketchup teacher or sketchup is just a tool you use to teach something else?

@cschulze, check (for instance) accuracy of where the holes are placed:

I am a teacher using Sketchup. First year using the platform. It has been a huge learning curve for both me and my students. I use Sketchup for both my Model Making and Genius Hour courses. We are trying to transition our middle schoolers to Sketchup and use Autocad for high school. Right now our kids have only Tinkercad experience. Not sure my middle schoolers can handle Sketchup. We will see. Thanks for all the ideas!

@dezmo the video is great. Very helpful. I appreciate the time you put into this… my student knows what he needs to do now. Thank you.
@Box Don’t know why I didn’t realize that. Thank you. The example view is wonderful. I appreciate your help.
@Wo3Dan I did ask him about his measurements… will check in with him and ensure he is measuring correctly. Thank you so much.