SketchUp for Schools Crash when drawing really small

SketchUp for Schools having problems and can’t execute commands when working small (2 point arcs in the 3mm size) for example. Start to do it, then crashes. Works on large scale projects in the meter range.

Does it crash and close?

It sounds like you’re probably butting heads with SketchUp’s minimum size tolerances. What is the modeling for?

Making some keychains to 3D print, trying to get smooth corners with the 2point arc tool. 3mm from corner with a radius of 1mm.

Definitely running up against the small size tolerances of SketchUp. This isn’t a bug per se. It’s just the low end of the application.

Have your students model with units set to meters instead of millimeters. The exported .stl files have no units so with the slicer expecting millimeters, you shouldn’t have any problem. This will also allow the students to use higher numbers of sides for arcs and circles so smoother curves in the print.

Great idea with switching to meters, I can then adjust in the slicer if needed.

If the slicer is already set to import at millimeters you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments.

Here’s a quick example for you. Modeled in meters in SketchUp:

Uploaded as millimeters.

FWIW, if you have some project you (or your students) need to model in inches for 3D printing you can still use meters. You can even enter fractions if needed so no need to convert frations to decimal. Don’t tell your students this if you want them to practice decimalizing fractions, though.

Yup, just tried, works great. Thanks again. Nice simple solution.

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