SketchUp for Schools only working for certain Google users

SketchUp for Schools has been configured on our Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals domain as a Google Workspace Marketplace app.

We have recently discovered that students can access SketchUp for Schools just fine, but it doesn’t work for staff members. From our testing, we’ve figured out depending on which OU a user resides determines whether they can access SketchUp or not. We have contacted Google support and they recommended we confirm third party app access for all OUs by allowing access applied at the root of our domain. We have applied this and nothing has changed. Additionally, I have revoked and then granted data access from the Google Admin Console which didn’t change anything. Is there anything you can think of for us to try next?

My case number is: 10669625

Hmm that is a new one @OLMCICT. I’ll bring this up with @Tori_SU and see what she has to say. In the meantime, I have a few questions to ask that will help me troubleshoot things. First up are the staff members on a different domain?

All users (staff/students) are in the same domain, then organised into different OUs.

Thanks for looking into this, @CaseyG.

Thanks for the info @OLMCICT. It will help me to narrow down the issue. I have a meeting with Tori_SU later today and your case is the first one I plan to discuss. Once we have something to share I’ll let you know. In the meantime, don’t try and adjust any settings with the SketchUp app. The last thing we want is for those who have access to suddenly lose it.