Log in problem for students in SketchUp for Schools

Hello: in my primary and secondary school we use google workspace for education. In previous years, students accessed the application without any problem. In the admin console we have given the app permission so that all students have access to the app. This year when they try to log in they select their education account, they accept the permissions and it does not give them access, it asks them again to select their education account in a continuous loop without being able to access it.
Is there a solution to this or a problem with the app?
Thank you

Hi @jemarra, thanks for the post. It is entirely possible that something got fouled up in our database and I am happy to manually add you to the database to make sure that it is not a permission issue on our end but my first guess would be that it is something to do with what admin deployed the app. I am just guessing here as I don’t have everything I need to verify it but can you get in touch with your super admin and have them try and re-deploy the app? If that fixes the issue then we are all set, but if it doesn’t we may need to dig a little deeper.

Thans for the reply @CaseyG
I am the super admin. . I have given all permissions to sketchup for school in the console for all organizational units. I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall it and the students still do not have access to it although the app appears in their ge suite applications (the ones that appear when you click on the nine dots in the upper right).
We have two domains:
@colexiomontesol.com for the teachers
@alumno.colexiomontesol.com for the students
Thank you very much