Problems to login for some students

I’m the super administrator for my school’s Google Workplace. I have been using SketchUp with my students for years and I have never had problems, but for about 1 month ONLY SOME STUDENTS (about 30%) have not been able to access the app: see the attached alert that appears.
I have already checked the permissions, the enabling of the pop apps and the correctness of the accounts used. What could be the problem?
Thank you
Prof. Davide Castelli
School’s domain:

Hi @Castelli, thanks for the post. If I had to place a guess based on what you are describing, I would guess that the issue might be a bad file in the cache or a bad cookie. I am not 100% sure though as I don’t currently have access to what I would need to verify things. Can you try clearing the cache and the cookies out and let me know if that fixes it?