Sketchup For Schools, no person or flat green area showing up

Just opened Sketchup for Schools this year, and aside from the axis, it is completely white, last year, I and my students had Temple Grandin and a green area top right quarter, it was much easier to orient themselves, this year, just white, is there a way to turn that back on? Accessing through Google Drive.

This sounds like a graphics card issue. What browser are you using?

Using Chrome, I have a pc and my students have Chromebooks, the strange thing is that it worked for all of us last year.

Graphics drivers often get updated with operating system updates.

You’re seeing the same thing on both your Windows 10 machine and the students’ Chromebooks?

Check to see that WebGL is enabled in Chrome. See:

Thanks, I tried but no luck. It was on, I toggled, and restarted Chrome and then turned in back on, no change.

Pinging @colin to see if he has any thoughts or can pass this on to someone who does.

More info, If I open an older project that I made last year, it does have the green background and Temple Grandin standing there, it also had me sign in again, even though I was already in the program.

After doing that can you now start a new file?

Aha, yes, I opened from the older project and a new page with the green background and women standing are there. I wonder if these are different versions?

There shouldn’t be a different version. Did you choose New from the top left pancake menu?

What happens if you close the browser, reopen it and log into SketchUp again?

If I choose new from the pancake, I get the green background with a person, if I open from New in Google Drive, then, More, then Sketchup For Schools, I get blank with no person.
I had two student today, one came up green with the person, and one came up with just axis. Both on chromebooks.

Can you create a model when you get that?

Were they able to go ahead and start modeling?

Yes, they could, students that struggle with 3D have a really hard time without the reference of the green background and the person.

I wonder if the file you’re opening is one that was saved without the scale figure, green background, and sky. What happens if you immediately go to the Styles panel and select a Default style that has the sky and ground, will that work?

I don’t have access to SketchUp for Schools but in the other web versions one can start a new file without going to Google Drive.

So, I can open a new one from Google Drive (my only option) then in the new blank one, click new and it replaces it with Katherine Johnson and a green background. Not sure why this is, but my problems is solved.
Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.

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The change of the scale figure occurs once in awhile.

Perhaps you can save a blank new file with Katherine Johnson and the green ground to your Google Drive and use it for future projects?