Sketchup for Mac 10.6.8


Hi, I need help to open a file in my Mac. Every time that I tried it said that i need a version 13.0.3688.
I try to download it without successful. How can I fix this problem or download the right version?



Is the error message from SketchUp version 8 ?
The file seems to be made with SketchUp 2013. Unfortunately it requires a newer MacOs than 10.6. to run.

If the file is not overly secret, you could try posting it here (or if it is too large for the forum, in the 3D Warehouse and give a link here) and anyone here could open it and save it down to the version 8 format for you.



Thanks you so much Anssi for you answer.
If you can help me changed this file to one that i can open on my Mac I would appreciated