SketchUp for iPad is here (for real... finally)!

You can’t lock an Image in the desktop version either, would be handy if you could.

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Ok. Thanks. I’ll do that

Hi Mike,

Will we getting access to extensions as well at some point or are these limited to windows?

@aj1 Correct. At this time, Extension Warehouse is available to users of SketchUp Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS.

I would love nothing more than to make Extension Warehouse available to SketchUp for iPad users. However, Apple’s App Store policies prevent us from being able to turn that dream into a reality. 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect, Add Location, and other capabilities that offer access to downloadable Content are A-OK. Offering access to Extension Warehouse is prohibited, based on the requirements that any excitable code that users have access to has to be pre-installed and submitted with the app for review by Apple’s App Store folks.

Thanks Mike!

I have been using Sketchup over iPad extensively during the weekend. these are my immediate feedback.

You guys have done amazing job with the interface and how each tools are accessed. The apple pencil and the snapping is just brilliant.

However, I missed the ‘previous view’ tool quite a lot.

I also thought it would be great if we could easily lock/unlock a view that we are working on; by that I don’t mean scenes. the lock view should still allow us to zoom in and out; it would be like working on a 2d drawing momentarily. I am saying that because I noticed a lot of unwanted accidental orbiting that happened on the iPad which doesn’t happen on the desktop.

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Hi Mike,

Amazing job with SketchUp for iPad! I’m so impressed with the intuitive interface and overall performance, leaps and bounds over most of the other iPad modeling apps I’ve tried. Congrats!

Do we or will we have the ability to import 2D (like from AutoCAD) as we can on the DT version?


Thanks so much @valerieW for the kind words! We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying your use of SketchUp for iPad thus far :grin:

We definitely understand the importance of offering a more robust set of importers and exporters, and that’s something we’ll continue to work on over time. We’ve got a nice chat about that going on over in this thread, along with some info about how to use either SketchUp for Web (if you have a Go subscription), or continue to use SketchUp desktop apps (if you have a Pro subscription) to import/export things in the meantime, while we continue to work on getting the iPad app to where it needs to be.

Something to keep in mind, some of the Ipad abilities would also be very useful in web and desktop for those of us that use a graphic tablet. In particular the ability to Orbit with your finger.
The web version is very limited for me as I normally use a space mouse and tablet and as you know a spacemouse doesn’t work with web. Activating ‘touch orbit’ would make web much more useful to me.


I’d really love to have a markup tool like this in desktop, for using with a tablet.


Loving SketchUp for iPad. For us I think it’s gonna be invaluable capturing room dimensions and sketching out initial design ideas.

Integration with Live Components is very exciting - but we have a huge number of our own Dynamic Components that we’d love to use with this. They already scale really well in SketchUp for iPad, but is there a chance of adding the Component Options window to this so we can configure them properly on the go?

Hi @SimonT I know this isn’t exactly the answer you’re looking for, but I thought you might be interested to know that we’ve just recently opened up an Alpha testing program that you can sign up for, to gain access to our new Live Component authoring tools.

The registration form is here: I want to create Live Components!

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Educate me - what are Live Components? Is that a new description of Dynamic Components?

You can think of them like Dynamic components V2… but there’s a lot more to them than that.
Live components are supported across all flavors of SketchUp, including SketchUp apps for Desktop, Web and iPad.
The web app that has been developed for creating Live Components offers a rather slick and intuitive visual programming interface.

Will that include animations?

Hi Dave,

Live Components will not animate in SketchUp for the time being. That said support for animation and interactive transitions is certainly not off the table long term.

Hi Mike!
I want to subscribe to sketchup, but there are a couple of shortcomings that make it impossible for me to use for what I want.
How can anyone who no longer has the opportunity to test discover what’s new?
Is this possible?
Is it possible to apply for a beta tester?

@usernam there are a few ways to trial the SketchUp for iPad app.

  1. When launching the iPad app for the first time, you’ll see the introductory offer to use the app risk-free for 7-days before being billed for a one-year SketchUp Go subscription. You can avoid being charged by canceling the SketchUp Go subscription prior to the Day 7 auto-renew date. The Apple App store allows for this introductory offer to be used only once.

  2. You can initiate a 30-day trial of the SketchUp Studio subscription via the SketchUp website. You can use the SketchUp Studio trial to access SketchUp for iPad.

  3. To your point about our Beta program, we are always looking for folks who are interested in actively testing our apps pre-release to help look for issues and provide feedback about things that are broken, or missing. Beta builds are inherently riskier to use than our production applications, so we try to warn against using Beta builds for commercial work. We also regularly audit our Beta groups to ensure that those who have access to our Beta apps are actively involved. If that’s something you’re interested in, DM me and we’ll get it sorted out.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Mike!
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I still wanted to write, but I can’t.

I may have pressed the wrong button.

Thanks Mike. I’m really looking forward to authoring LCs and I’m already on their Alpha list I believe. So will we be able to create our own sketched symbols to import our own authored LCs?

(I know this is not the forum to say this but I am nervous about SketchUp potentially moving on from supporting DCs. They are a fundamental part of our workflow and represent years of in-house development. It will take years for us to develop them all over again as LCs. And DCs also have some incredibly useful functions that LCs do not yet have (as far as I’m aware). Eg: scale handles, animations, the ability to nest and explode, and the ability to start authoring by drawing constituent components in sketchup. The ability to work off line can also be very useful!)

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Here’s a thought - can SketchUp for iPad be made compatible with Bluetooth Laser Measures? If we could start a line, then take a measurement, then import the measurement as the line length … it would make a truly fantastic site survey tool!