Experience so far

Hey, Just a quick thanks to the developers. I’ve been on three different job sites over the last few days and this tool has already become a game-changer for me and my clients. I absolutely love the workflow of taking live site dimensions and creating a 3d model while walking around a space. It takes a bit longer up front than my old methods but it’s going to save a ton of time and questions when back in the studio. Super impressed :smile:

Please keep pushing this app and maybe think about eventually adding Layout to the mix for assembling quick, simple dimension drawings while out and about. Being able to work up a scaled elevation drawing and print / email / text it to a contractor while on a jobsite would be super cool. Really nice work though on where we are now, much appreciated.


This is interesting. I find it hard to imagine doing this work on a tablet on the job site efficiently, but If it’s possible, that’s great.Combining with measurement software would be really helpful.


It works very well. You can actually lend your iPad to the next guy and have others take control with gestures and pencil very fast so they see what they want and how they want it.

It’s also incredibly easy to markup on top of the model and even model sonething on site. Of course, intensive modeling tasks are still better on desktop