Sketchup for iPad -Disable Line Continue

Hi, there

It looks like Sketchup for Ipad has ‘Line Continue’ as a default.

(After I draw a line, the end point is hanging there so that no matter where I point next, the line is drawing from the end point to the next point I pick.)

After I draw each line, I want to start from new point.

Is there any way to disable it since i cannot find it so far in the iPad app.


As far as I know, it’s not in there. I’ve wanted to ask for this as well. Using the Wacom pen on desktop all the time, I often have Continue Line Drawing turned off on Desktop. I’m also accustomed to Click-drag-release and Auto detect, but there’s a strong bias against that among PC users, so I’m somewhat not surprised it didn’t make it to iPad.

@sl59lee Thanks for your question about SketchUp for iPad. Confirming what @RTCool offered in his reply, we have not yet implemented a preference to enable/disable continuous line drawing mode (it is on the list, though).

In the meantime, note that we’ve implemented the 2-finger tap gesture to result in either cancelling the current operation that is in progress (sim to what the escape key does on Desktop/Web versions of SketchUp), and 2-finger tap also results in Undo, when no operations are in progress. Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


+1 for this

Third. I am all for two finger tapping for unlinking continuous lines, but I forget as many times as I remember and a toggle in the options somewhere would be very very much appreciated.

It’s also a bit strange to use the double tap for more than one function: cancel first and then undo.

Hi, I am trying to figure out if it would be better that I get a different device for sketch up. I have a IPAD Pro. Any insight is appreciated. ~ CD