Feature request - off screen continuation

I have noticed that when I am drawing a shape or a line, or adding a dimension, etc… that if I reach the edge of the screen I am blocked. Can we get some kind of screen edge detection so that the model scrolls so we can continue the current action beyond the viewport, so to speak?

Not sure if I’m getting the concept across properly. Hope this makes sense.

It’s the same behavior as on the desktop versions. Currently you need to pan to continue drawing or moving. Not so bad with a 3-button mouse. Not so sure how it works on the iPad, though.

If you are in click move click mode you can hard press, start to move towards where the line needs to end, switch to pan, do some panning, then switch back to Line tool to continue placing the line you had started. Same thing works with rectangle and other drawing tools.

No solution for Just Draw mode I assume?

That’s correct. Not yet…

I know what you’re asking for as I’m used to it in other software, though it’s admittedly 2D software. It would be nice to have, especially for iPad, though some thought has to go into how that would work in 3D. +1 from me.

Great request–I run into this constantly. :+1:

Actually the solution in just draw is to tap, pan and tap. It works better than in click draw click.

You just can’t do it if you drag the pencil in just draw.


Agreed with Joao, that is how i do it alos in click-move-click mode.