Line interruption with just draw mode

With the line tool in just draw mode once you start drawing, the only thing you can do is draw connected edges.

To break that cycle you have to change tools.

It’s very interesting that just draw allows us to draw the first edge and then just tap tap tap. We just need a way to break it.

Even it I defended that tap tap tap method l wouldn’t mind if this would change and just draw would only draw edge by edge. It’s almost as fast a tapping and allows more freedom on drawing unconnected edges.

Hi Joao,
This is among the reasons why we’ve wired up Undo to serve as both escape and undo.
So, for example, when drawing continuous lines, you can choose to tap the undo button, or two-finger tap to first cancel the line that is being drawn, and then again if you want, to undo the previously drawn line segment.

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That’s what I’m doing but it implies two adicional gestures to cancel the line: one is creating an extra line and the other is undoing it. Only after that can we draw new ones.

The way I see it there are two ways of using just draw mode:

  1. Tap tap tap. This requires a continuous line to work and it may make sense to keep working as it is (though it would also make sense to have a cancel trigger that would work without the need to commit double tapping to it);
  2. Drag between two points, which I think is even cooler (feels like sketching) but would make sense if it wouldn’t create connected lines by default. Drawing in this mode always requires connecting two points anyway:
    2.1. When using this mode and we want to draw a connected line we still have to release the pencil to commit the first line and only after that can we drag again between the two points of the next line.
    2.2. So, for people who want to draw connected lines in this mode the fact that the next line is connected is irrelevant, the will have to connect it anyway or change to tap mode.
    2.3 So I’d suggest that drag mode would default to disconnect as that way we coul be free from the last point being drawn and we would be able to draw any line we wanted.

Just try it and imagine it, and I bet it will make sense.

That is a good thing but, honestly, I had to test it to be aware of it.

Now I know what it was that felt strange with my undo actions. :woozy_face:

Perhaps we could offer the same preference in SU for iPad that exists in SU desktop to either turn on or turn off 'continuous line drawing." By default it’s turned on, and I think what you’re essentially asking for, is to turn it off.

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Would be a good option. I often find myself turning it off with my Wacom tablet and desktop SU.

That idea crossed my mind and it would make me happy.

However, I also like the tap tap tap feaure to be continuous.

So what I’m thinking now is on an hybrid approach. Tap tap tap for continuous lines and drag the Pencil on screen for discontinuous lines.

If the hybrid approach is too difficult to implement, what you are suggesting is already good.