Very basic questions about new SketchUp for iPad from a long time user

I have used SketchUp on my iMac Pro for years, and I am having editing problems on the iPad version that should be really simple. I guess a general question would be…is there a more comprehensive manual available someplace?

For example:
How do you remove one edge of an entity?
How do you cut a line into two segments?
How do you draw editable breezier curves?
How do you add a freeform line to an existing line?

Thank you - Giovanni

SketchUp official YouTube with the square one playlist for iPad.

Also, Thesketchupessentials has a new YouTube dedicated to the iPad version

You can use the eraser to remove it just like you would on desktop. If it’s grouped you have to be in the group, same as desktop.

You trace back over the line to the spot where you want it cut, or you can also draw a perpendicular line off the original to break it, and then erase your new line.

There aren’t any Bézier curves in iPad… yet.

I’m not sure what you mean by “freeform” . Do you mean the freehand style lines? There’s a freehand tool. Again not sure how to answer this one.

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If you do that in any version of SU (at least any recent version), the line gets ‘healed’ into one edge again.

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Yep. Just tested it and you’re correct!

Thanks for your help! Dani, I did mean the freehand tool, sorry about that. Is there a way to edit a line drawn with this tool?


Besides treating it like normal geometry (scale, move, rotate, etc…) the only way I can see to do minute changes is to select it and explode the curve, but then you’re going to get a billion and one little segments. I usually treat it like a finishing tool. Last second edge changes for texturing, and basic shape cutting (I always use the freehand tool on a surface to keep the lines coplanar).

Someone else may know better than me.