Simple commands……

What is the best way to actually mirror an entity on the iPad other than using the flip along axis? Why]en I am working on a design I sometimes like to mirror objects along certain points so they end up where they are supposed to be.

This is why I wanted to know if the developers were going to be adding crucial commands outside of the norms that have been native to SketchUp over the years.

Are we looking at being able to add plugins? Maybe we should look at coming up with a way to convert plugins from version to version or from say Mac to iPad? I am not sure if the coding is the same or even if it’s in Ruby, but a pathway to be able to add the plug-in or to add it the native code of SketchUp would be awesome. I remember we used to be able to some of that stuff in AutoCAD back in the day and it was helpful.

I think it would be far more intuitive to use the autoshape feature for the sort of ‘geometry-creating’ extensions.
What if we could adjust the size of drawn cilinders and beams in a convenient way by reconnecting to the Materia servers?
Maybe add some bevels and rounded corners etc.
Or replace them with other components.

Not sure if this is the right place - but is anyone struggling with the Limited snaps in Ipad?


There should be a way to control snaps more with pencil rather than click function.

Not quite sure what you mean specifically, but to double check first, there are two modes of drawing:

  • Just draw
  • Click Move Click

The first one is fast and fun, but very limited compared to desktop with snaps and constraints, because you can’t hover the cursor. The second allows you to hover the cursor, but is slower and more deliberate.

Is it the limits of Just Draw you’re struggling with, or something else? I do find the lack of keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys slows things down.

Yes you got it. If there was a way to press on the screen while hovering over the line with pencil to bring up snap options would be great.

@syburn Noted! We’ve heard this from a few others as well, and we’re bouncing some ideas around along these lines.

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