Mirroring objects

Can someone please tell me the easiest method [step-by-step] for mirroring an object on the iPad? I know you can flip axis, but I need some other way, if possible.

Have you tried the scale tool? Grab a control handle and drag it to -1.00 as a scale factor and you get a mirror image. If you want it to be a copy, copy the original before you start, and paste in place after.

If you have trouble snapping to -1.00 you can type it in afterwards.

If you know the axis orientation of an object, “flip along” is the easiest.

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It would be cool if the scale tool could copy with CTRL, but it is already used for centering the scale action.

Just give it a copy function like the move and rotate tools. I second this.

Of course. In iPad, CTRL makes no sense… It should be an extra sub tool.