Mirroring objects

Can someone please tell me the easiest method [step-by-step] for mirroring an object on the iPad? I know you can flip axis, but I need some other way, if possible.

Have you tried the scale tool? Grab a control handle and drag it to -1.00 as a scale factor and you get a mirror image. If you want it to be a copy, copy the original before you start, and paste in place after.

If you have trouble snapping to -1.00 you can type it in afterwards.

If you know the axis orientation of an object, “flip along” is the easiest.

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It would be cool if the scale tool could copy with CTRL, but it is already used for centering the scale action.

Just give it a copy function like the move and rotate tools. I second this.

Of course. In iPad, CTRL makes no sense… It should be an extra sub tool.


A native mirror command in SU desktop and iPad would be a massive improvement. As a fundamental of modelling it would ideally be baked-in. Flip along (especially when off axis) or Scale to -1 are clumsy. The amount of mirror plug-ins created is a clear inidicator of it’s requirement. Another one of those super-easy, upsets no one, easy wins.


@JuJitsoup we agree – and have some good news on that front. Today’s releases of SketchUp Desktop 2023, SketchUp for Web, and SketchUp for iPad (V6.2) bring with them the new Flip tool.

You’ll find some great info about Flip in the Blog Post about SketchUp for iPad v6.2, as well as in the release notes here.

So I’m following the latest tute (precision modeling with native tools) and Aaron models something in a mirror mode, where he only has to model one-quarter of a model and it automatically updates in the mirrored objects on both the x and y axes. Flip is to make a copy of something already modeled. I assume the mirror command is not a feature of Sketchup for iPad, as I can’t seem to find it, is that correct?

Make the quarter of the object a componet and use the Flip tool to flip it to make the other quarters. It is a feature in SketchUp for iPad.

Click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the tool palette on the left.

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Yes, I’m doing that now, but the question was whether SU for iPad can do what Aaron is doing in the video - make one-quarter of an object and have the mirrored parts update live as he modifies that one segment. I don’t think the iPad version can do this, but I’d be happy to be corrected on this.

Yes, you can do that with SketchUp for iPad. Do what I told you. Make a component of 1/4 of the object, use the Flip tool to make additional copies so it looks like the whole thing. When you edit one instance of the component the other three will show the same edit.

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Clearly missing a step:

Looks like you didn’t create the component before copying like I told you to do.

Starting from a component:

Hopefully the .mov will play for you.

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Did you create a group instead of a component? Editing a group does not affect copies.

It’s not clear from your screenshot whether or not you have mirrored (flipped) that component yet. What does entity info show? If you select the component it should state the number of copies in the model.

Can you share your skp file so we can see what you have done do far?

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Yup, that was it, thanks. Gotta be more observant in the future.