Rotate Command

Why has the rotate command changed and now it’s really hard to control or it just doesn’t work.

Hi Dana,
My apologies. The reason is that we screwed up. We broke a couple of tools while trying to improve the OX for those same tools while hovering with an Apple Pencil.
We have a fix in the works that we will be releasing in an update within the next few days.


Well……how many days is it going to be ? It’s kind of slowing down my productivity and my ability to do things like I like……correctly.

You can still easily use the tool. Start the rotate by tapping in a direction. You should then be able to enter in the rotation amount in the dialog box.

@drchitecturedsign We’ve just published an update to the app (v6.2.1) to TestFlight for you and others to Beta test. It should be available at some point within the next couple of hours.

Will it show up automatically in TestFlight? Or will there be a link sent out?

It will show up in TestFlight.

I still am not seeing anything in TestFlight….

Will I need to delete my actual app that is installed presently?

Is there a way to send me a link or redeem code?

No, don’t delete your current app!
If you do, you’ll end up deleting any files that are stored in the app folder.

I’ll take a look in Testflight to see if your invite has expired, and if it is, I’ll renew it.

@drchitecturedsign Just sent you a fresh invite from Testflight.

Got it and it looks like those items I mentioned earlier this week seem to be corrected and much better on all fronts so far….

Anything else you want me to look at?

ALL THE THINGS :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was looking for some specific things that have been issues to test….

I appreciate you being willing to take a peek at the rest of what we’ve been working on for 6.2.1 Beta.
I’ve updated the release notes here: