Rotation Issues

I’m having some issues with rotation. I’m using an iPad Pro 12.9”, later update. I have an external keyboard and a mouse, which I use in conjunction with the pencil.

when I try to rotate an object with the pencil, after I press not set the protractor location and plane, then drag out the line, I draw to rotate. I get just a flash of rotation, and then the protractor leaps to the location of the pencil point. It’s driving me nuts!

When I use the mouse, it works just fine. The pencil seems less reliable than the mouse in general. Any thoughts?

Also with respect to rotation. I’ve watched the video accessed from the bottom of the rotation menu, and by looking up the Square One SketchUp for iPad videos in YouTube. Both of them seem to ignore the last two options in the rotation menu. I want to rotate a window to be parallel to a window frame, but don’t know how to use rotate parallel tool. Is there a video somewhere that I’m missing?

Thanks, John

Rotation is a known issue and being fixed. You can read about it HERE.