iPad -two finger undo and selections

Still loving (and living in) SketchUp for iPad….

I will admit to this being something I should/will be able to train myself against, but I’m having trouble with wanting to two finger tap to undo a selection… which to me says that it might be counter-intuitive the way that it functions currently.

Do any other iPad users have this problem? Where you’re zoomed in, you’re working, you make a selection and accidentally grab something you didn’t want and you “‘undo” it but it doesn’t work… so you “undo “ it a few more times before realizing/ remembering that selections aren’t a part of the “undoable” actions and in reality all you’ve done is “undo” the last two or three legitimate edits. Now you have to look around to see what you’ve messed up.

On computer versions, are selections a part of the actions list that you can reverse using your keyboard shortcuts?

On desktop, I have “Select None” as a keyboard shortcut, and I use it a lot. In theory, you can click on empty space to “Select None” or “Deselect All,” but sometimes your screen is so full of stuff, there’s nowhere to click that doesn’t select something. Not sure which would be better to pursue on iPad: “undo last selection,” or “Select None.” I think the latter would cover the first plus some other scenarios as well.

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I think:

  • all tapping on screen actions should be configurable;
  • the double tap on pencil should have way more available actions;
  • on top of the screen we should have a toolbar to drop transparent tools buttons (the tools you use while performing other tools, like section tools, back edges, perspective or parallel camera, …)
  • scenes should be more accessible and configuring their properties should be exactly like desktop, where we can configure multiple scenes in one go, and a property at a time, without so many clicks. This has been made unnecessarily complex in iPad.
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I’m on a laptop, but I get click happy or click spasmodic sometimes too. The difference is that now I’m noticing it as I do it and can more easily correct.

@Danimaupin in response to your original post/question, Selections are not captured in the Undo stack for any versions of SketchUp – iPad, Desktop or Web – although it is something that has been requested time and again over the years, alongside a host of other actions that are not currently undo-able.

@RTCool re: your note about Select None – completely agree, which is why we added a shortcut to that in the Select Tool toolbar in a recent update.


Ah, thank you! I though maybe I just wasn’t seeing it.

“Previous Selection” is a thing in some programs. Something to consider. Selection Toys I use a lot on desktop, but I’m not holding my breath for that.

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@MikeTadros Thank you! Learn new things every day :smiley: