Disable continue line drawing in Layout?

Hi all,

Is there a way in LayOut to disable “continue line drawing” after placing the second point of a line? Much like the option in SketchUp?

Hit Esc to stop drawing.

There’s no setting as in SketchUp’s Preferences>Drawing>Continue Line Drawing to untick.

Hi Dave, Yeah that’s what I have been doing. I know this sounds dodgy but my escape key is making a bit of a horrible click, so it looks like I need a new keyboard on my laptop. I’m trying to save the mileage I suppose!

But, I just found that if you “double click” to place the second point then the line isn’t continued. That will work.

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In the knowledge base link above under the sub-heading “drawing straight lines” it’s actually documented that the correct way to end a line is to double click as I accidentally discovered. By single clicking you’re simply placing a point on a continuous polyline and cancelling the polyline by pressing ESC. I’ve been pressing the escape key all this time, it could have saved lots of wear!

Another useful part of this is that I’ve been going round pages adding in lots of dashed lines. I have to zoom right in to small parts often so I’ve employed my somewhat unused Spacemouse to do the zooming as it’s super fast compared to a scroll wheel. Now I can add all the lines in without taking my hand off the spacemouse to press the ESC key for every single line.

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What sort of dashed lines are you putting in?

Well, I’m off it now but basically there are components with holes drilled through them. So the dashed lines are for the (you know) copy rotated one to show the holes going through. Also for some countersunk holes too.

Are you just drawing them in LO or using lines in the viewport as a guide?

I’m on fone so I just grabbed this from a cloud somewhere in the sky, it’s this kind of thing. I trace the endpoints.

Goodness, look at the time😃

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you could do this with the dashed line options in shape style, rather than drawing individual dashes?


Who said anything about drawing individual dashes?

LOL, that would be fun. I am using the dashed line style already, to create dashed lines.


Hey guys, I think this is what your original question was asking. Invoke the Line tool, rt mouse click to get the context menu, then you can disable Auto Join Lines.


It were right under my nose all the time. What’s even better about that is you don’t have to go digging around in menus to switch it either.


UPDATE: Now I’ve actually tried the “auto join lines” feature it isn’t quite what I thought.

  1. With auto join “enabled” any new lines which are connected onto existing lines are now made into one “polyline”.

  2. With auto join “disabled” any new lines connected to existing line/s are kept as separate “polylines”.

Although it’s a nice feature, In any case, when an endpoint is placed the only way I can see to “finish” the line is either by double clicking the endpoint or hitting the ESC key to cancel the draw.

Sorry Ian, I suspected as much, but as you were talking about starting and ending lines, zooming all the way in, adding dashed lines and wearing out your escape key, it made me wonder! Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to point out the obvious…I have benefited from such.

No worries.
I would have been a little red faced if that were the case, drawing all those dashes one by one.

Imagine say 6 components on a page with 6/8/10 mm holes and counter bores in them. I draw the dashed lines in to show the holes going through or the depth, there can be lots.
So the image I show above would be just 2 of those dashed lines.

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I don’t think there would have been any cause for embarrassment, I’m sure there are many of doing things the hard way until we know differently.

You can imagine my shock (and surprise) on hearing the roar of the chainsaw motor AFTER I had cut down 5 trees ! :slight_smile: